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How Technology Can Advance a Craft Beer Business

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The craft beer industry is known for its innovation. Craft beer brewers have been advancing the taste of beer by experimenting with new brewing techniques and flavors; they have also been pushing the technology envelope. A number of new technologies, both to the beer itself and via software, are available that can provide that extra edge over other, mundane beer companies. What are some of those new advancements? Take a look and see. Advances in Beer Cans A can is just a can, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. Cans have been around for a long time, ever since the 1930s in fact. However, just because something has been done the same way a long time doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. There are numerous complaints about current cans from uneven pouring to a lack of ability to really “smell” the beer.  New advances in cans address many of these concerns. One of the newest changes is to the opening of the can. Instead of opening one hole and pouring or drinking through that hole, newer cans can be had with two openings—one for drinking and one for air flow. This makes the pouring smooth instead of choppy.  Another new concept is the “re-sealable” can. How many times have you wanted to be able to come back to your beer? But, if you put it in the fridge, it goes flat. A re-sealable can forms an airtight seal that retains carbonation so you can enjoy your beer just as much at a later time. Software to Better Manage Brewing Beer Having a great, craft beer is not enough anymore. You have to be able to manage your brewing process like a manufacturing process. Specialty software is available that is tailored to the beer-making process that allows you to do specialized functions such as: View, plan, and change batch brewing schedules Forecast brew schedules and needed ingredients Complete and package end product Manage sales orders Invoice customers Many startups neglect the manufacturing and business aspect of the brewing business. Taking advantage of software to simplify your brewing process, sales, and accounting can be a huge help. Mobile App Integration With more places catering to craft beers, it is imperative that you be up on the latest technological advance, the mobile beer app. Mobile beer apps allow bars and breweries to advertise, via the app, what beers are on tap on any given day. You can push out automated beer listings to subscribed users, Twitter, or Facebook. You can even buy premium services to allow you to display your beers via Smart TVs within your bar, populated by the beers you list in your app; this gives you a central place to advertise and manage the different taps in your bar, which can be especially valuable if you rotate beers across the same taps. More and more users are making decisions where to go based upon information available from apps on their smart phones. Being a leader in providing that information can elevate your brand recognition, especially if you have already done the hard work to get local pubs to stock and serve your beer. Keep updated on the latest strategies by talking to local resources such as Pacific Wine...

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Unique Uses For Watermelon: What You Can Try

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Watermelon is one of the best treats you can have during the warm summer months. And as such, you may want to incorporate it into virtually every meal you eat throughout the watermelon season. In preparation for your next watermelon feast, you may find yourself on the lookout for some new and unique watermelon recipes to fill your long summer months. Luckily, there are many unique recipes out there that you may not have tried before that will take care of your watermelon craving in unique and delicious ways. All you need to do is get to know those options and give them a try the next time you have a watermelon ready to eat.  Orzo Watermelon Salad Recipe To make a delicious orzo (pasta) watermelon salad, all you need are the following ingredients: 2 cups seedless watermelon 1 cup orzo 1/3 to 1/2 cup feta cheese 1/2 to 1 Tbsp olive oil 1/4 cup fresh basil salt and pepper to taste Cook the orzo according to the package instructions. Dice your watermelon and chop the fresh basil. Once the orzo is cool, mix in the rest of the ingredients and serve. This cool and refreshing pasta and watermelon salad recipe will hit the spot.  Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe If you prefer a nice chilled soup to a salad, watermelon gazpacho is a delicious option for you. Give this recipe a try if you are in the mood for a tasty gazpacho. 4 to 5 cups of watermelon cubed 1/4 cup apple juice 1/4 cup white wine 1 Tbsp lime juice 1 Tbsp fresh mint finely chopped 1/2 tsp ground ginger 1 Tbsp sugar or honey plain nonfat  In a food processor or blender, combine the first 6 ingredients. Blend the ingredients, stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides until the mixture is smooth. Place in the refrigerator for an hour or two to chill. Once cold, make yourself a bowl and add a small dollop of yogurt on top. Now you are ready to enjoy a delicious refreshing watermelon soup.  Watermelon Ice Cream Recipe Are you looking for a refreshing dessert that includes watermelon? You can make yourself homemade watermelon ice cream quickly and easily.  6 to 8 cups of seedless watermelon cubes or chunks 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup sugar 1 cup of milk Puree the watermelon chunks and add all of the ingredients. Stir and mix the ingredients together until the sugar is dissolved and incorporated. Next, just place your mixture in the ice cream maker and proceed as you normally would to make homemade ice cream. Watermelon is one of your favorite summertime treats. And now, with these easy recipes, you can incorporate watermelon into every meal and dessert. So, give these recipes a try and...

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Unique Pizzas From Around The World

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Pizza is a universal food served and loved all over the world. Each country takes pizza and adds a bit of cultural flair that makes the pizza unique to that country. You won’t find these pizzas in restaurants in the U.S. unless you make them yourself. Do any of these interesting pizzas from around the world sound appetizing to you? Grand Prix: Korea Mr. Pizza in Korea makes the Grand Prix, a pizza that has everything but the kitchen sink. It’s difficult to imagine that these mixed toppings and crust meld together to taste good, but Korea loves it. One half of the pizza has shrimp, peppers, and mushrooms. Perfectly normal, right? The other half has potato wedges, bacon, tortilla chips, and sour cream. All of these toppings rest on a cookie crust sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. You can dip the crust and pizza in the included blueberry sauce. Kebabpizza: Sweden The Kebabpizza mixes two delicious foods: kebabs and pizza. Kebabs are chunks of meat grilled on skewers and usually accompanied by a special kebab sauce made from sour cream and spices. The kebabpizza is, as the name suggests, pizza with kebab meat and kebab sauce slathered on top. Everything else about the pizza is perfectly normal, including the usual pizza crust, tomato sauce, and cheese. Mochi Pizza: Japan Mochi is made from glutinous rice that is soaked, cooked, and pounded into a sticky paste that is formed into any shape you desire. It is also made from mochiko, a sweet rice flour, and water. No matter how it is made, mochi is a popular snack in Japan and has even made it to pizza. No, mochi isn’t a topping. Mochi is used to make the pizza crust. Mochi dough is soft and slightly stretchy. The unique texture makes for an interesting pizza. Aussie Pizza: Australia Aussie pizza is one popular pizza that could also become popular in the U.S. Instead of pizza sauce, the Aussie pizza uses barbecue sauce. The usual mozzarella cheese follows. The toppings are bacon and fried eggs. The eggs are broken on the uncooked pizza and then baked resulting in running sunny-side up eggs. Bacon and eggs are a common breakfast in Australia and the U.S. By adding it to the pizza, you can have breakfast for lunch and dinner, too. Do any of these pizzas from around the world sound appetizing to you? If so, either book a trip to one of these countries or make it yourself at home. Contact a company like Uncle Pete’s Pizza for more...

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3 Sealing Options For Clamshell Packaging

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Do you produce products that are sold in retail stores? If so, packaging is probably a very important part of your process. You need something that shows off your product and is easy to ship. Clamshell packaging fits that criteria. Best of all, it can be customized to fit nearly any product. Once you settle on clamshell packaging, though, you’ll need to decide how you want to seal it. Clamshell packaging can be secured in a number of different ways, depending on how durable you want the seal to be and how easily you want the package to open. Here are three options for sealing your clamshell packaging: Pre-made tabs. This may be the least expensive of all the possible options, but it’s also the least secure. Your clamshell packaging provider can offer a package with tabs built in. When you close the package, you simply press the tabs together until they snap in place. That’s strong enough to hold the package shut, but it won’t require much force to open it. This is a good option when security isn’t a high priority. It’s also often used by restaurants and food manufacturers because it allows consumers to open the package quickly and with little effort. Hand sealed. If you want a little more security than tabs offer, you may wish to use a hand-sealer. These handheld devices are available from most clamshell packaging companies or even at many hardware stores. When you’re ready to seal the package, you simply apply the device, which emits heat onto the package. That heat seals the package shut. You can also find sealers that use significant pressure to perforate the package rather than heat. While this may be an inexpensive and secure option, it can also be time consuming, especially if you have a high volume of packages to seal. Consider your workers’ time when calculating the costs. Automated sealing. If you’re in a high volume business and security is critical, this could be the most effective choice. This requires a large sealing machine that automates the entire process. Once your packaging is done, you or your assembly line load the packages onto the sealing machine. It uses a conveyor belt to move the packages through a heat sealing process. It may require a large capital investment, but that investment could pay off in the form of efficiency and saved time. Talk to your packaging vendor about different sealing options. They may be able to recommend solutions based on your needs and...

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3 Fun Places For Surprise Birthday Dinners

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When it comes to celebrating a birthday for a friend or loved one, nothing quite says “happy birthday!” like a surprise party out on the town. One of the most difficult parts about planning a surprise birthday party is choosing the perfect location. Luckily, there are many fantastic places to choose from, especially if you need a lot of room for guests (and a lot of food, of course). Here are three of the most fun places for hosting a surprise birthday party: Pizza Parlor  If you’re inviting a large amount of guests of varying ages, one of the best locations you can pick for a surprise birthday party is a pizza parlor. This is especially the case if the birthday boy/girl in question is a child. Everyone loves pizza, and pizza is generally fairly inexpensive if you’re on a budget. The best pizza parlors also often have live entertainment and games to keep the kids preoccupied. This helps turn an ordinary dinner party into a full-blown party. Mexican Restaurant Mexican restaurants are great restaurants for surprise parties. Most Mexican restaurants tend to have long tables which is perfect for seating multiple guests. Most hosts and hostesses of Mexican restaurants are also extremely accompanying when it comes to hosting surprise parties, reserving space beforehand, and bringing out a surprise dessert flan for the guest of honor. As a plus, Mexican food offers something for everyone. There’s also no better way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday than with a couple of margaritas. Discover more information by clicking here. Karaoke Bar If your guests are all adults, you may be tempted to hold the party at an ordinary bar, but it’s best to consider the fact that not everyone likes to drink alcohol. It’s better to choose a location that offers alcoholic beverages as an option, but also has other activities to take part in that help ensure everyone enjoys themselves. One great ideas is a karaoke bar. Karaoke is fun to take part in as well as watch, and everyone enjoys good music. Most karaoke bars also serve food. The best surprise parties often come from good ideas that are thoroughly developed and planned. Put on your thinking cap the next time you decide to throw a surprise party for a loved one. Think outside the box and come up with a fun party location that lets everyone have a good time. When you mix good people, good food, and good times, you’ll always go home with great...

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How To Extract The Cocoa Liquor From Cocoa Beans To Make Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Candies

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Making chocolate candy to give as a present to family and friends during the holiday season can bring a tremendous amount of joy to you the maker and your loved ones. The first step in making chocolate candy from scratch is to extract the cocoa liquor from the cocoa beans. Here is how you can accomplish this: What You Will Need: Cocoa Beans Oven Baking (or Cookie) Sheet Hammer Hydraulic Press Machine Cocoa Beans There are three types of cocoa beans you can choose from to make chocolate candies: Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario. Forastero is a strong-tasting bean and is the most common bean choice for making chocolate candy among confectioners. The Criollo is much rarer and harder to obtain than the Forastero bean, but it is known for its luxurious taste. The Criollo bean is commonly used to make high-quality and expensive chocolate. The Trinitario bean is a hybrid of the Forastero and Criollo beans and combines the taste of the two beans Roasting Beans You will need to roast the beans you have picked to make chocolate. The beans can be roasted in your oven by spreading them out on a cookie or baking sheet. Place the beans into a preheated oven set at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. Lower the oven to 325 degrees and let the beans roast for an additional 7 minutes. Lastly, lower the temperature to 265 and roast for another 10 minutes. The bean shells should be cracking open at this point. Remove the beans from oven and allow them to cool down. Remove Shells The shells of the beans need to be removed. You can use a hammer to smash the shells apart and remove the nibs of the beans. Make sure the husk from the shells have been completely removed from the nibs. Grinding the Nibs The nibs have to be ground down using a heavy-duty grinder or food processor to make cocoa liquor. Feed the nibs into the grinder about a half a cup at a time – this will help to keep the grinder from overheating. The cocoa nibs will liquefy and separate into a layer of butter and liquor. You will want to separate the butter from the liquor using a hydraulic press machine – the butter is not used in the chocolate making process. You are now ready to make chocolate candies with the cocoa liquor. Making chocolate candies from the holidays is a special way to tell people you love them. The first step is obtaining the cocoa liquor that will serve as the base for the chocolate if you really want to make the candy from scratch. For more information about gourmet chocolates, contact Abdallah Candies And Gifts or a similar...

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Spice Up Your Dinner Tonight With This Easy To Make, Authentic Mexican Pizza

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Have Taco Tuesdays and Spaghetti Sundays began to lose their appeal? Are you simply tired of eating the same things over and over again due to your tight schedule? If so, you should know that spicing up your weekday dinner menu can be much easier than you think. In fact, with this authentic Mexican pizza, you will be able to whip up an exotic and delicious dish for your family in less than an hour. What You Will Need Chipotle BBQ sauce (approximately 2 cups) 1 lb of classic pizza dough 1 1/2 pounds skinless chicken breast 1/2 cup crumbled queso fresco red onion, garlic, salt, and pepper (quantities will depend upon your personal taste) 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil flour (just a few pinches) rolling pin 17×12 inch rectangular baking pan medium skillet Step #1: Prep Your Toppings Begin by dicing your red onions into small, manageable pieces. Next, in a medium skillet over medium heat, saute onions and garlic in two teaspoons of olive oil until caramelized. Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside to cool. In order to promote faster cooling, you may wish to remove the mixture from your skillet and place in a glass or metal bowl (avoid plastic as it may absorb the flavor of the garlic). Step #2: Prep Your Crust On a lightly floured surface, roll out your pizza dough until if forms a rectangle that is approximately 17×12 inches in size. Place the dough on an appropriately sized baking sheet and prick holes all over the dough using a fork. This will allow heat to be evenly dispersed throughout the dough during the cooking process. Step #3: Assemble And Bake Start the assembly process by spreading the chicken breast over your pizza dough as evenly as possible. Next, drizzle your BBQ sauce over the chicken evenly. Finally, top the pizza with your onion mixture and crumbled cheese. Now, simply bake your pizza in a 400 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. In Conclusion Turning an ordinary dinner into something extraordinary does not need to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. So the next time you are thinking about running through the drive-thru on your way home from work or fixing a boring sandwich before vegging out in front of the TV, remember that you could be enjoying some of the best traditional Mexican food in your area right in your own home with very little...

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5 Ways Providing Coffee Service For Employees Can Help Your Business

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Starting the workday with a good cup of coffee is an integral part of the morning routine for many people.  The cup of coffee an employee grabs as he or she arrives can help to start the day off right, and a good office coffee service can make all the difference.  While your employees can certainly fend for themselves when it comes to the daily java, providing a coffee service, like with Fox Vending & Coffee Service, comes with a number of major benefits for your business.  These five reasons for providing a quality coffee service show it’s well worth the investment. 1. Providing Coffee Can Mean Better Brains on Your Team.  Providing coffee for your employees may well improve their ability to do the job right.  Studies have recently shown that the caffeine in a cup of coffee can help improve thinking skills as well as memory.  That means the coffee in your office break room is doing more than keeping your employees alert; it’s giving them a brain boost that can make them more productive. 2. Coffee Service Keeps Employees in the Office.  How many runs to the corner coffee shop do your employees take in a day, and how long are they gone each time?  Between travel time, standing in line, and stopping to chat or make phone calls along the way, a quick coffee run can add up to a lot of time away from work.  If your employees don’t have to go far for a good cup of coffee, they’ll spend more time in the office and accomplish more each day. 3. Taking Coffee Breaks Together Improves Productivity.  Providing a place and a scheduled time in the office where employees can take a coffee break can actually improve your office’s productivity.  An MIT study found that colleagues who gather around the coffee maker together show improved productivity, thanks to the interaction provided by the chance to gather and chat.  A coffee service ensures your employees have a place to gather rather than scattering to obtain good coffee elsewhere. 4. Your Employees Can Get On With Their Work.  With a coffee service, no one is in charge of worrying about making a fresh pot, re-stocking coffee supplies, or cleaning equipment.  That means that your employees can do the job you hired them to do rather than wasting time taking care of the coffee supply–your employees have better things to do! 5. A Greener Way to Grab a Cup Makes Good Business Sense.  Coffee services allow your business to reduce its carbon footprint by allowing employees to use their own mug instead of getting and throwing away a paper cup several times a day.  Services can also provide eco-friendly choices for your coffee supplies.  Studies have shown that working for a green company can actually boost employee motivation and performance, which makes green choices good for your bottom...

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