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Your Morning Coffee Is Good For Your Mental Health

A recent Harvard study has shown that drinking coffee can decrease the risk for suicide. Approximately 100 million Americans drink coffee each day, and Public Health researchers wanted to know how drinking coffee affects people’s overall happiness. Researchers analyzed the data from a survey given to 208,424 coffee drinkers about their coffee habits. Over a span of about 15 years, the numbers showed that the rate of suicide among this group was less than half the number of suicides among people who do not drink coffee. This study concluded that people who drink 2-4 cups of coffee each day reduce the risk of suicide by 50%. 

What Does Coffee Do to My Brain? 

Researchers believe that coffee contributes to better mental health because of the biological changes that take place when you drink it. Coffee stimulates the nervous system. This makes the brain produce more dopamine and seratonin. These are neurotransmitters that increase your sense of well-being. Coffee also blocks adenosine, a process that not only keeps you more awake, but also improves your memory. The reduced adenosine decreases stress. Another study found that mice who were given coffee were able to cope much better when they were put in stressful situations, compared to the mice that were just given water. 

Coffee is a Social Experience 

Another reason why coffee can decrease stress and make you feel happier is the associations people have with drinking coffee. Getting coffee can be a chance to spend time with friends or take a break from work. When people consistently pair drinking coffee with the social experience and the relaxation, they will soon associate drinking coffee with experiences that make them happy. Drinking coffee will put them in a good mood. 

All Things in Moderation 

It is important to note that coffee intake should not be increased because someone is depressed. This can actually lead to more problems. If the individual is severely depressed, once they come off of the caffeine, his or her symptoms will be worse. Experts say that coffee, when ingested in moderation, can help to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression, but should not be the only source of treatment for depression. 

So it turns out that the cup of coffee you brew for yourself in the morning can do more than just give you an energy boost. It is contributing to your mental health and putting you in a better mood. Consider buying something like Keurig K Cups to help you get the coffee you need.