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How To Create A Kitchen That Is Both Attractive And Efficient

Are you moving into a brand new home, or are you redecorating your present kitchen? Either way, here are some ideas that may inspire you to create a room that is unique, attractive and efficient. 

Cabinetry – Even though the inside of your cabinets don’t show, the organization of what’s inside will make a big difference as you cook and set the table.

  • When you select cabinets, it’s a good idea to consider where you will store items like electric skillets, crock pots, dutch ovens and other large items.
  • Another great feature in state-of-the-art cabinetry is the inclusion of tall, narrow spaces where you can store things like cookie sheets and large cutting boards. If you aren’t buying brand new cabinets, a restaurant supply store will have portable dividers that will work perfectly.
  • Consider installing lazy Susans for things like spices. Besides making it easier to get to items you need, you will be saving space. This is especially true in corner cabinets.

Decor – As you purchase items for your kitchen, consider how they can do double duty.

  • One excellent investment for you to think about is that of a portable kitchen island. Besides being an attractive addition to the room, you will be able to use it for preparing your meals and then, when it’s time to serve, the fact that it’s on wheels means that it can be easily transported to the kitchen table. 
  • Another thought is to purchase a baker’s rack where you can display cookbooks, crockery, containers holding wooden spoons and decorative items. Consider matching the baker’s rack to your portable kitchen. 
  • Think about adding some drama to your kitchen by hanging a large rack above the island where you can store your pots and pans, and even the lids that go with them. A fun touch would be to hang pretty dish towels on one end of the rack. 

Consider borrowing ideas from fancy bed and breakfast hotels that offer special meals on beautiful table ware. White dishes are a good place to start because you can give them a different look as you combine them with pieces of a different color and design. Buying platters and other serving dishes that complement your dishes and setting the table with them will make your kitchen look like a beautiful picture found in a decorating magazine. Consider buying linens that can be tossed in the washer and dryer without the need for ironing. 

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