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From High Fashion To Prohibition: How To Create A 1930s Wedding Of Your Own

Looking for a classy vintage wedding style for your big day? While the ’20s ‘Great Gatsby’ look is popular with many engaged couples, a ’30s wedding inspiration combines it with a sophisticated, classic vibe. How can you add a 1930s feeling to your wedding? 


Unlike the Roaring Twenties, the following decade suffered through the Great Depression and ended with World War II. Times were harder and partying no longer had the wild abandon it enjoyed earlier. This led to a renaissance in glamorous, demure fashion with accessories like fur, feathers, white gloves and pearls. For inspiration, look at some of the great films of the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

To create a true ’30s wedding dress, think about draped silk with long sleeves or long matching gloves and a full veil. For a bit of a showy surprise, add a modern V-shaped back. If you want something a little less modest, embellish V-neck bridal and bridesmaid dresses with beading around the neck and shoulders and even a fully embellished beaded back. Complement with embroidered or studded headbands over soft wavy hair or a pin-curled updo


Actual 1930s weddings tended to have long, trailing bouquets to go with long, trailing trains. Look for a soft or neutral color palette like blush roses, calla lilies or peonies with a few bolder colors in the middle. Add a modern twist with oversize pearls and other gems as well as pale feathers. 

If you don’t want a large bouquet, opt for a small wildflower and herb bouquet wrapped neatly in basic ribbon. As the ’30s went on and the Depression ate into family savings, many brides carried smaller and more simple arrangements that reflected the times. 


While deciding on a menu for your wedding, keep it elegant in both food and presentation. Think china settings and teacups served with finger sandwiches and light, creamy desserts. Food during the early part of the Depression continued to encompass American staples like pork chops and chicken, so it’s easy to create a classic American meal with your caterer.  

The most important part of choosing the right food for a ’30s wedding is the alcohol. This was still the era of speakeasies and Prohibition, so provide classic mixed drinks in martini glasses and highball glasses. You might even consider providing a photo spot for your guests to take pictures with their drinks and some ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ props for fun entertainment.  

The value of a 1930s wedding is the ability to combine the leftover excess of the ’20s and the popular conservatism of the ’40s. From glamorous fashion to Prohibition-era imbibing and timeless American meals, your ’30s wedding will surely give guests a lot to talk about once it’s over. Contact local wedding caterers, such as Marians Island Wide Catering, to see how they can best help fulfill your needs.