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Effective Ways To Boost Business At Your Bistro

After opening a small restaurant, corral a crowd of customers by trying out some new ways to draw attention to your new establishment. After keeping your new diners satisfied, they will continue to do business with you and will be sure to spread the word about their positive dining experiences.

Family Festivities

Hold a family night at your restaurant that caters to adults and children of all ages. Offer a discounted price on these occasions. Have a magician or clown entertain the guests while their dinners are being prepared. If you do not have a lot of money to invest in an activity like this, ask friends and family members if they would like to be part of the act. Offer small gifts to each child and adult as a token of your appreciation. If the event proves to be successful, advertise future ones several times a year.

Lucky Draw

Hold a drawing that awards the winner with a coupon for a free meal of their choice. Place tickets on the counter for each of your patrons to fill out. Select a date to hold the drawing and post an advertisement that specifies when it is. Offering a free meal is a small investment that won’t set you back financially. It will, however, have a lasting impact on your customers and may draw some positive attention to your new establishment.

Theme Nights

Plan to set the mood in your bistro by adding a specific theme each week. For example, if you are going to plan a seafood theme, add fish and shell decorations around the dining area. Try out some new dishes that fit into the category. Play music that is popular at the beach. Have each of your employees wear outfits that fit into the scheme of things. Change themes regularly and advertise in your local newspaper or on the radio. If people are interested in the cuisine that you are featuring, they will be likely to come out and give your restaurant a shot.

Adding new food choices and keeping the atmosphere upbeat will help your small restaurant succeed. By owning an establishment that is unlike any other one that is in the area, your restaurant will draw large crowds of people and many of them will continue to do business with you on a regular basis. Be open to new ideas and try them out in order to find the ones that work best for you. (For more information on restaurants, contact Zac’s Burgers)

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