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How Technology Can Advance a Craft Beer Business

The craft beer industry is known for its innovation. Craft beer brewers have been advancing the taste of beer by experimenting with new brewing techniques and flavors; they have also been pushing the technology envelope. A number of new technologies, both to the beer itself and via software, are available that can provide that extra edge over other, mundane beer companies. What are some of those new advancements? Take a look and see.

Advances in Beer Cans

A can is just a can, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. Cans have been around for a long time, ever since the 1930s in fact. However, just because something has been done the same way a long time doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

There are numerous complaints about current cans from uneven pouring to a lack of ability to really “smell” the beer.  New advances in cans address many of these concerns.

One of the newest changes is to the opening of the can. Instead of opening one hole and pouring or drinking through that hole, newer cans can be had with two openings—one for drinking and one for air flow. This makes the pouring smooth instead of choppy. 

Another new concept is the “re-sealable” can. How many times have you wanted to be able to come back to your beer? But, if you put it in the fridge, it goes flat. A re-sealable can forms an airtight seal that retains carbonation so you can enjoy your beer just as much at a later time.

Software to Better Manage Brewing Beer

Having a great, craft beer is not enough anymore. You have to be able to manage your brewing process like a manufacturing process. Specialty software is available that is tailored to the beer-making process that allows you to do specialized functions such as:

  • View, plan, and change batch brewing schedules
  • Forecast brew schedules and needed ingredients
  • Complete and package end product
  • Manage sales orders
  • Invoice customers

Many startups neglect the manufacturing and business aspect of the brewing business. Taking advantage of software to simplify your brewing process, sales, and accounting can be a huge help.

Mobile App Integration

With more places catering to craft beers, it is imperative that you be up on the latest technological advance, the mobile beer app. Mobile beer apps allow bars and breweries to advertise, via the app, what beers are on tap on any given day. You can push out automated beer listings to subscribed users, Twitter, or Facebook.

You can even buy premium services to allow you to display your beers via Smart TVs within your bar, populated by the beers you list in your app; this gives you a central place to advertise and manage the different taps in your bar, which can be especially valuable if you rotate beers across the same taps.

More and more users are making decisions where to go based upon information available from apps on their smart phones. Being a leader in providing that information can elevate your brand recognition, especially if you have already done the hard work to get local pubs to stock and serve your beer. Keep updated on the latest strategies by talking to local resources such as Pacific Wine Merchants.

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