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5 Ways Providing Coffee Service For Employees Can Help Your Business

Starting the workday with a good cup of coffee is an integral part of the morning routine for many people.  The cup of coffee an employee grabs as he or she arrives can help to start the day off right, and a good office coffee service can make all the difference.  While your employees can certainly fend for themselves when it comes to the daily java, providing a coffee service, like with Fox Vending & Coffee Service, comes with a number of major benefits for your business.  These five reasons for providing a quality coffee service show it’s well worth the investment.

1. Providing Coffee Can Mean Better Brains on Your Team.  Providing coffee for your employees may well improve their ability to do the job right.  Studies have recently shown that the caffeine in a cup of coffee can help improve thinking skills as well as memory.  That means the coffee in your office break room is doing more than keeping your employees alert; it’s giving them a brain boost that can make them more productive.

2. Coffee Service Keeps Employees in the Office.  How many runs to the corner coffee shop do your employees take in a day, and how long are they gone each time?  Between travel time, standing in line, and stopping to chat or make phone calls along the way, a quick coffee run can add up to a lot of time away from work.  If your employees don’t have to go far for a good cup of coffee, they’ll spend more time in the office and accomplish more each day.

3. Taking Coffee Breaks Together Improves Productivity.  Providing a place and a scheduled time in the office where employees can take a coffee break can actually improve your office’s productivity.  An MIT study found that colleagues who gather around the coffee maker together show improved productivity, thanks to the interaction provided by the chance to gather and chat.  A coffee service ensures your employees have a place to gather rather than scattering to obtain good coffee elsewhere.

4. Your Employees Can Get On With Their Work.  With a coffee service, no one is in charge of worrying about making a fresh pot, re-stocking coffee supplies, or cleaning equipment.  That means that your employees can do the job you hired them to do rather than wasting time taking care of the coffee supply–your employees have better things to do!

5. A Greener Way to Grab a Cup Makes Good Business Sense.  Coffee services allow your business to reduce its carbon footprint by allowing employees to use their own mug instead of getting and throwing away a paper cup several times a day.  Services can also provide eco-friendly choices for your coffee supplies.  Studies have shown that working for a green company can actually boost employee motivation and performance, which makes green choices good for your bottom line.

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